About Us

'Saga Boy' - Noun. Pronunciation - 'Sa-ga Boy' Definition - A cool, well dressed Dandy, a Caribbean Casanova.

Soca Saga Boys was formed in 1993 by its founding member 'Saga Boy' Tony Cumberbatch (RIP). 'Saga Boy' Tony's vision was not only to promote Soca music in the UK, but to take the Sound System to new audiences around the world. His aim was to let the whole world experience the energy, vibe & passion in Soca, Carnival & Mas.

Highlights of our History

2014:Soca Saga Boys celebrates both their 21st Anniversary for participating in the Notting Hill Carnival and the 50th anniversary of Notting Hill Carnival itself. Later on that year they won an award for Best Music Played runners up at Hackney One Carnival 2014.

2010: Saga Boys Mas Band won first place on Carnival Monday at Notting Hill Carnival 2010 for their theme - Purple Reign.

2008: Our tour in Germany gave us the fortunate oppportunity to play alongside two famous Soca artists Bunji Garlin and Faye-Ann Lyons .

2007: It was the first time Soca Saga Boys played Mas in their own right at London's infamous Notting Hill Carnival. This might seem strange but the fact is that for over 20 years the Saga Boys Sound System has been partnered with other Mas Bands for Notting Hill Carnival & as a result the Saga Boys Mas section took a back seat.

Soca Saga Boys are known for injecting a fun & vibrant Carnival atmosphere every time they fete. They are much more than just a few Soca DJs with a Sound System, they are a tight family united in Soca working together to spread the Caribbean Carnival Culture.

Meet the Team

Management Team
  • Philip Albert (Phil Fingarz)
  • Sean Pierre (Big T)
  • Ryan Hyanwood (Saga Boy Ryan)
  • Andre Joseph (SocaKiid)
  • Sounds System Team
  • Simon Albert (Papa Simon)
  • Philip Albert (Phil Fingarz)
  • Mark Bayer (Prof. Mark)
  • Ajay Patel (SupertedAP)
  • Marketing & Media Team
  • Rena Kydd-Williams
  • Luane Rathan-Morgan (Lil-saga)
  • Ramon Chambers (Rookie)
  • Design & Production Team
  • Patricia Albert
  • Shantelle Albert
  • Jasmine Jalim
  • Our Masqueraders Say

    Ramon said...

    Member Since: 2008

    "I have played Mas with Soca Saga Boys for 6 years and every year just gets better! Soca is my music and Notting Hill Carnival is my dance floor; watch my waist at NHC2015 with Soca Saga Boys!! #AZURA"

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    Rayy said...

    Member Since: 2011

    "I played with Soca Saga Boys in 2011, their theme was 'Precious Gems of The East' I played on a Monday in their band's costume. I can honestly say I had a really good time, the music was really good no repeats of the same songs - good vibes - and very versatile - nice people (I had the advantage of knowing a few people before hand) but very friendly environment for first time masqueraders, "

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    Rhys said...

    Member Since: 2011

    "HI i'm Rhys and started jumping with the all mighty sagaboys in August 2011 and still jumping Sagaaa. Being quite anxious and apprehensive at first as it was my first time jumping with a float at carnival, my first experience as a saga boy was absolutely amazing, it totally exceeded my expectations, the vibe, music, atmosphere, the saga boy team and cant forget the wickedd 'SOUND"

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    Nile said...

    Member Since: 2010

    "Words don't do me justice :P"

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    Sharna said...

    Member Since: 2013

    "First year with Soca Saga Boys was NHC 2013. Loved every minute and will continue to return. What a welcoming family to all new comers, absolutely great atmosphere :-)"

    See Sharna's Profile

    Helen said...

    Member Since: 2010

    "My Carnival Family ! Full of Fun, Good Vibes, Whining Up, Wuking Up, Jumping Up, You Name It Soca Saga Boys Does It ! NHC2013 Here We Come !! "

    See Helen's Profile

    Delisa said...

    Member Since: 2013

    "2013 was the first time \'playing Mas\' at Carnival and it was AMAZING!!!! Chipping down de road, with good people, good vibes and good music. I\'ve joined the family and there\'s no getting rid of me.. Soca Saga Boys all de way! Hurry up 2014 we waiting for ya..."

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    Lee said...

    Member Since: 2012

    "I first played with Soca Saga Boys in 2K12, following an invitation from D\'Hitman (Frontline Radio). I have also been lucky enough to play in trinidad. I am back again for another year for 2K14. Please remember to say hello \"ya check it\""

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