Terra Ignis

Soca Saga Boys celebrates 20 years at Notting Hill Carnival with nothing but Soca, dancing and of course, RUM! We bring you another successfully year with the support of Frontline Radio and Sams Chicken. Check out the photo album below to see all teh action

Soca Saga Boys at Notting Hill Carnival 2013 presents Terra Ingis.
Carnival Sunday - Fantastic Sunday (Powder, Rags & Flags)
Carnival Monday - Terra Ignis

Thanks again to everyone who supported us and made 20 years on the road enjoyable - It was a great weekend.


They've Been Spotted: Dee, Jayshree, Ramon, Luane, Aneka, Lee, Nicole, Helen, Nile, Sharna, Shantelle, Tanya, Rhys, Ryan, Phil, Paris, Delisa, Cheynee, Nargis, Hayley, Mekell, Andre, Shelisa, Chantelle, Joao, Bhavithiran, Sojourner, kyana, Natalie, Anouskha, Charday, Ishmael, Melanie, Antonn